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Bob Michaels

Quotes from students:


“He was extremely insightful about the business and what doing voice-overs is really all about.”


“Instructor totally understood and knew every point of VO work.”


“Absolutely willing and able to share and explain all aspects of the business.”


“Always open to questions, answering many of them before they were asked.”


“This class FAR exceeded my expectations for information.  VERY straightforward and knowledgeable.”


“I cannot imagine a more capable instructor than Bob Michaels.  He related the class material clearly, succinctly, precisely.  First class rating!”


“Insanely detailed.  Made me understand with great clarity how to think like a voice performer.  Other VO classes I have taken were 2’s...this one was absolutely a 10.”

Bob Michaels  is a full-time freelance voice-over professional, based in the Dallas area since 1988.  He is one of the most prolific voice-over performers in our area, regularly engaged in voice-overs for practically every facet of electronic media.  His extensive voice-over resume reads like a Who's Who of American Business and Industry, and includes names such as, IBM, EDS, TI, Intuit, Neiman Marcus, Sports Illustrated, GM, and numerous others. 


From his home studio, Bob services clients from around the world.  He has chosen to avoid specialization so that he may regularly participate in the full spectrum of VO performance including radio and television commercials/spots, station and network imaging/identification/promotion, industrial video, CD-ROM’s, audiobooks, animation, audiotext, film, documentaries, kiosks, movie trailers, promos, toys, games, video games, sound files, web audio, storytelling, point of sale marketing, corporate communications, satellite broadcasting, training materials, infomercials, slideshows, electronic kiosks, multimedia presentations, on-hold, telephone voice mail systems, general voice description and many others.


Bob has been teaching since 1992, and currently teaches VO-1, VO-2, One Evening Copy Readings, Home Studio Workshop, Voice Recording and Mastering, and The P&E of VO.  The classes are held in his home studio in North Dallas.  The voice-over classes, workshops, training, and coaching reflect Bob’s emphasis on technique, so that students come away with a clear understanding of how to do things.  Today in voice-over not only is it important to be able to perform, but also to record yourself, and Bob advises individuals who are navigating the task of setting up their own recording system and environment. m

For more information about classes that Bob offers contact him directly.

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Bobs Voice-Over Classes and Workshops 2020

Grab your calendars, choose your sessions and Select, Register &, Pay for classes online or call 972-243-6086 for more information. Enrollment limited.

Voice-Over Level One (VO-1) This is the most popular introductory VO class in the southwest. The perfect starting place for anyone considering entering the field of VO. 5 week sessions. Tuesdays, 6pm-8pm $300

Dates: March 3 – March 31 or

June 16 – July 14 or

August 18 – September 15

Voice-Over Level Two (VO-2)    This intermediate class builds on knowledge presented in the VO-1. Students perform and record two different styles per night, and on the last night, there is a mock audition that allows students to understand more of the subtlety of auditioning. Tuesdays 6pm - 8pm, $300

Dates: April 28 - May 26 or

October 20 - November 17

Home Studio Workshop    It is now a fact of life that VO performers in the modern world must be able to record themselves to participate in auditions and jobs. In this one evening workshop, we wade through basic, cost effective equipment which will get the job done well, and examine several scenarios common to VO recording artists. Some basic digital audio terminology is explained. Further, studio treatments…absorption, diffusion, and other treatment options are examined. This is a very valuable course for the individual that has no clue where to begin in putting together a home VO studio. Tuesday, 6-8 pm $75

Date: April 14 (only one offering in 2020)

One Evening Copy Reading     This is a pure performance class where the focus shifts to different script forms. This session is all about Explainer Videos. In this session, you will perform and record to improve your abilities with this form. Tuesday 6-8 pm (or 8:30) $75

Date: September 29 (only one offering in 2020)

Voice Recording and Mastering   This class is about making VO recordings, specifically what you do with the audio after it is recorded. Processing techniques (the audio equivalent of PhotoShop) are explained in detail, and you will learn which processes to apply and how to apply them. Equalization, noise reduction, dynamics processing, de-essing and more will be revealed and explained. Tuesday, 6-8 pm $75

Date: July 28 (only one offering in 2020)

P&E in VO    In VO-2, Bob introduces the concept of LAYERS (dimensions) of spoken voice performance. P&E, arguably, are the most important of these layers. Making sure you honor and portray them is critical in your VO life, and this session will raise your awareness of their importance and help you focus on getting more of them in your performances. Tuesday, 6-8 pm at $75

Date: December 1 (only one offering in 2020)

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